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You can now repair your iPhone by yourself thanks to Apple’s new tools

When it comes to repairing smartphones, iPhones are probably the hardest and trickiest to repair as they require special tools. Moreover, the tools and parts are hard to come by as they are either overpriced or aren’t sold in a respective region.

However, as of now, Apple is making it easier to repair your phone without the need of going to a repair shop. Apple has achieved this by introducing a ‘Self Service Repair’ program so that customers who are rather tech-savvy can fix their iPhones themselves at their homes. This will include original parts and tools provided by the Cupertino tech giant.

Customers will be able to order these components and tools and even receive credit for their purchase if a used part is returned. These tools will include common repair components such as screen replacements, battery replacements, and camera modules.

This program will start with the iPhone 13 models but would soon reach the Mac M1 models as well. In addition, the program would launch in 2022 and then expand to other countries soon.

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