The Destructive Transmittable Curse Coronavirus, Known as [ the COVID-19]

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The Destructive Transmittable Curse Coronavirus, Known as [ the COVID-19]

Coronaviruses are the largest group of viruses, which belong to order Nidovirales and family coronavirus. Coronaviruses are positive-sense RNA viruses and named as corona due to crown-like appearance on its outer surface. The word crown derived from the Latin word corona means crown. Based on their genomic structure they have alpha, beta, gamma, and delta four main subgroups. In humans mostly causing respiratory symptoms and in other animals’ gastroenteritis. [Cui, 2019].

Symptoms of Coronavirus are fever, pneumonia, infection of lungs, and difficulty in breathing [WMHC, 2020]. In worldwide it is the most common virus of animals but in a few cases also affect human beings. In Wuhan, China on 29 December 2019 people are affected by the lower respiratory tract with pneumonia and the term [ COVID- 2019] novel coronavirus used by the World Health Organization that represents the coronavirus. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is the official name of the 2019 novel coronavirus that is declared by the World Health Organization. [ WHO, Novel Coronavirus–China, 2020] Each year 15 to 30 percent of infection of the respiratory tract in humans is caused by these viruses. Its infection is more severe in neonates, aged people, and persons that had already any illness. [ van der Hoek L, 2005]. In China, the first known case of coronavirus noticed in November. The first person who covenant to COVID-19, A fifty-five-year-old-men in china from the city of Wuhan province of Hubei.

Human health and epidemic infections are coetaneous of humankind since the birth of humanity. When, Karl Marx popularly quoted that, history repeats itself, he didn’t only mean that the particular history of conflicts, will repeat itself, he meant was that all features of history repeats itself, including the history of transmittable infections as well.

Pandemic or plague is one of the pre-historic issues that have had never esteemed national boundaries, kingdoms, and geopolitical distinctions. Whenever, humankind tried to cross and conquer a demarcated shape formulate by nature to it, surprisingly, within no time nature react with greater fury. As Fredrick Engels the contemporaneous philosophical companion of Karl Marx has offered a vatic warning in his book, he sustains that “we take great pleasure of human victory over nature. For each such victory nature takes its retaliation on us…At every pace, we are prompted that we by no means rule over nature like a victorious over overseas human, like someone standing outside of nature”. The continuing Coronavirus infection is one such response of nature.

The pandemic crossing territorial state boundaries and their dire consequences cannot be underestimated. Let’s turn back a page of history and see what could be the dire repercussions of the epidemic on human history. During the fifth century BC in the middle of the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta a deadly plague broke out in Athens which was the formidable superpower of Greek archipelago of antiquity, the plague broke the Athenian society and its army simultaneously. Eventually, this plague became one of the decisive factors for losing the war by Athens to Sparta. Around, 1330, another one of the deadliest plague, very notoriously known as the black death infection started in China, transmitted from rodents and fleas to humans. Moving rapidly from China to the middle east, south Asia central Asia, and then this plague overwhelm the whole of Europe, it is approximated that the plague killed half of the population of Europe and entirely redesign the European political topography as well. The epidemic, like others before and after, followed trader routes as Coronavirus epidemic did, as we know Wuhan is the trading crossroad of China for within and without from where the coronavirus outbreak aroused.

Moreover, during and after the resurgence period, the west carried many communicable Europa diseases to the distant shores of the Americas, spoiling the indigenous citizen. Expanding trade and travel in the nineteenth century within Europe and between Europe and Africa accelerated the outspread of deadly infections such as cholera and malaria, leading to the first International Sanitary Conference in 1851. Between the 9th century and the first half of the 20th century, almost eleven International Sanitary Conferences developed procedures to stop the spread of transferable and infectious illness.

The current outbreak of the Corona epidemic is not de novo to humankind, it would be appropriate to call it the re-birth of the past-ones, though; it has mercilessly jeopardized the hyper modernized world causing irreversible loss to life and property throughout the globe. the world economy is at its knees and about to shaking, during the first half of the 21st century, the US economy decreasing the fastest rate since the great depression. Apart from this, the shadow of unemployment is oppressing every nook and corner of the globe.

The Chinese economy is likely to be hit further by this pandemic and it has already decreased worldwide demand for its products due to the effect of Coronavirus. Moreover, Coronavirus casualties have crossed 423,349 globally; it seems that the mother earth has gone paralyzed. But, when thinking about the disease as a cross-national threat to the global community, we should remember that, like other threats, world-wide health issues also grant great opportunities for cooperation among us as Humans, Homo Sapiens, Social animals whatever it is that unites us and makes us one for a noble objective.

As we know that nature is one of the wonderful frenemies of humankind, certainly the world is like the open-air theater. Where nature and humankind engage in various competitions to nail one another, a health issue is one of the key dots where time and again nature used to hit us badly below the belt and the universal health issue is one of the main defects of ours from former times to vogue. Finally, if we analyze the current coronavirus plot its proof and its results. Future threats and dire effects of the coronavirus issue is a vital arena for the reinforcement of cooperation among us as we the humans and to curb this epidemic and to nub coronavirus at the dance very soon. Anything which we can do is only try because we all know that “The Wish Is Father to the Thought”, let’s give a damn try, keep distance, give heed to the medics and above allot we need is physical distance but social connection.

The outbreak of coronavirus damaging the world economy badly. The virus is increasing worldwide at a panic rate. the coronavirus generates more infections and casualties as with contrast SARS or MERS. SARS-CoV-2 is more dangerous than SARS or MERS. The fast growth of the disease order extreme supervision and quarantine convention to prohibited more transference. No set vaccine has been aroused. The whole population of the world must have adopted isolation, infection control protocols, self-isolation, and patient isolation during the provision of clinical care. The advised of WHO in case of close touch with suspects, cattle, and louts. Victim and population of Iran must have enclosed bark and sternutation to help protect aerosol transferences chronic hand cleaning with soap and water is also essential. The medical staff must use personal protective equipment such as FFP3 masks, gowns, gloves, and gowns. N95 masks, and eye protection.

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