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Pakistan earns nearly $419 million from IT services exports in just two months

In recent news, Pakistan has earned $419.992 million by providing its IT services in various countries during the first two months of 2021. This is an astounding growth by nearly 46.32 percent in comparison to the previous year where only $287.030 million was earned, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Throughout this period, computer services have grown by 40.06 percent as they surged from $223.200 million last fiscal year to $312.612 million during July-August 2021.

In addition, exports of software consultancy services witnessed an increase of 56.19 percent which is basically an increase from the initial $72.681 million to $113.517 million. Apart from software, hardware consultancy has also made a significant impact as the services rose from $0.077 million to $0.515 million. The remaining export of computer services has increased by 33.72 percent which is basically an uprise from the initial $93.395 million to $124.836 million.

Apart from IT, telecommunications exports have also seen a major increase of around 67.91 percent i.e. an increase from $63.350 million to $106.370 million.

All in all, in terms of technological exports the country is making valuable progress.

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