There as a Star, That Became a Galaxy

Written by Jawad Ali Abbasi

There was a Star, that became a Galaxy

– Written by Jawad Ali Abbasi

You will find very few people in life who are endowed with more than one ability by Allah Almighty and they reach the heights of popularity due to their abilities. These abilities were recognized by Muhammad Bilal Khan.

Muhammad Bilal Khan was born on January 1, 1997. He was Hafiz Quran at a young age. He did pass his FSC from Abbottabad College and enrolled in a university in Islamabad for the graduation. He was a famous journalist, blogger, and poet.

Shaheed Muhammad Bilal Khan started creating posts on Facebook in 2012 and within a few years, Bilal became one of the leading social media bloggers. Bilal Khan was an expert in writing as well as speaking skills. When he starting blogs, in a short period of two months, the thousands of viewers and subscribers reached the Bilal’s YouTube channel.

Muhammad Bilal Khan made his position on every issue, on which great journalists could not even think of writing or speaking. He became the voice of the oppressed Muslims of Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine, Burma. He was the one who raised his voice against this cruelty and barbarism on social media at that time.

Shaheed Bilal Khan was seen standing with every victim in Pakistan, be it enforced disappearances or extrajudicial killings. He fought the best battle of prophethood, defense of Sahaba, and defense of Islam on every front of social media. He always defeated the enemy with arguments.

Muhammad Bilal Khan belonged to the Deobandi sect, but on the issue of the end of prophethood, the party of the Barelvi sect appeared to stand with Tehreek-e-Labeek when the media banned the TLP’s Faizabad sit-in. He covered the sit-in day and night. And interviewed Allama Khadim Rizvi Sahib. Similarly, when the Supreme Court under pressure, ruled in the case of Asiya Masih. He held a press conference of lawyers and publish on his YouTube channel. When media was banned, for live coverage on any channel. He conveyed the position of lawyers and the facts of the case to millions of people.

The only fault of Bilal Khan was that he was a brave, and truthful man. He knew what is done with a brave, and truthful man in this society which Bilal Khan expressed to me. Once a time, I asked Bilal Khan, “Bhai Why? You write and speak truthfully. Keep fewer spices in your pen and tongue, lest you also disappear, and we use Bilal Khan’s hash Tag on social media. He smiled and replied, No Jawad Bhai, it will not happen to me. I will be dripped straight. Despite believing this, he never gave up the path of truth.

In the evening, when Muhammad Bilal Khan Bahar Kahu was at the house of a relative. He got a call from a number and he was called to a sector of Islamabad. When Bilal Khan reached the relevant place with one of his uncles, the hidden enemy stabbed him. He was severely injured, and he is martyred. His first funeral prayer on the morning of June 17, according to his will, Maulana Masa in Aabpara Islamabad. And the second Abbottabad, his respected father taught, and Alhamdulillah, I participated.

The enemy thought that he would suppress Bilal’s case, but the enemy did not know that Bilal kept coming and going, and the call of “Prayer(اذان)” always continued.

It has been a year since Muhammad Bilal Khan was martyred but the killers of Bilal Khan are still roaming freely. The file of the Bilal Khan case is lying in the closet of a police station in Islamabad. No one can catch Bilal Khan’s killers. It was not difficult for the police to trace the number from which Bilal got the call. It seems that the killers are so powerful that the police do not want to take action against them. Bilal Khan’s soul questions.

خواب سہانے دیکھنے والو! خوابوں کی تعبیر ہے کیا؟
اس دھرتی کو نوچنے والوں کی بھی کوئی تعزیر ہے کیا؟

میرے خون کو بیچنے والے زندہ ہیں، تابندہ ہیں!
اس سے بڑھ کرمیرے لُہو کی، اور کہوتحقیر ہے کیا؟

میرے دیس میں شام کا قاتل،صبح محافظ ٹھہرا ہے!
محکوموں اور مظلوموں کی، اب کے یہی تقدیر ہے کیا؟

(Bilal Khan’s poems written a few days before his martyrdom.)

Written by Jawad Ali Abbasi    

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