Karachi private school loses registration over detection of hidden cameras in washrooms

KARACHI: The registration of a private school in Karachi was cancelled by the Sindh Education Department after hidden cameras were discovered in the school’s washrooms, Geo News reported Friday.

The education department has asked the school administration to furnish a show-cause notice on the matter.

An official notification issued by the education department said that the CCTV cameras were stealthily installed in the men’s washroom and a common washroom used by both female teachers and students.

Women were being filmed with the hidden cameras, the education department officials confirmed, adding that several women had reported the presence of cameras in the washrooms to the department.

Taking an action over the complaints, a team of education department officials visited the school on Wednesday to verify the information.

They found hidden cameras from the washroom during their visit, the officials confirmed, adding that a vigilance team has submitted a report on the hidden cameras to the education department for further investigation.

On the other hand, the school administration has maintained that the cameras were installed in the washrooms for “monitoring purposes”.

According to the notification of the education department, the registration of the school will remain suspended until the completion of the investigation. 

Regarding the matter, the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Sindh Cybercrime Zone Head Imran Riaz said that so far, it has not received any complaints regarding the recorded videos.

Riaz further added that the director-general of the cybercrime circle is in touch with the school regarding the matter, adding that a team of the FIA will be sent to the school for inspection.

“The team will check whether the videos were filmed for women and child pornography or was there any other motive behind it,” Riaz added.

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