What is Article 35A and Article 370?

Image-Article 35A and Article 370

What is Article 35A and Article 370?

Today’s article based on what is article 35A and Article 370?
The main cause of the current critical situation in Kashmir is these two articles.
So now first of all what is article 35A?
Article 35A was issued on 14 May 1954 through a presidential ordinance on the advice of pm J.Nehru.
Some basic features of article 35A
they have special and cruciate rights such
Right to job
Right to scholarships
Right to inheritance
Right to public aid
Right to citizenship
Right to public welfare
And the most important and cruciate are that no Indian could not buy a property in Jammu and Kashmir. And one more thing if their women marry outside of Kashmir, so the women have no right of property of inheritance.

Now, what is article 370?

Article 370, when the article was issued in 1949, so since that’s time Jammu and Kashmir were exempted from the Indian constitution.

Feature of Article 370
The annexation of Kashmir with India is the only temporary that’s mean that the Jammu and Kashmir haven’t done external annexation with India.
Kashmir shall have a separate legislative assembly
Kashmir shall be a separate constitution
Kashmir shall have his flag
Full authority on their internal administration
Full authority to elect his prime Minster or president
Only on three points, Kashmir have no rights
1 Defense affairs
2 Foreign affairs
3 Communication
Only these three points would remain with the Indian government.

Written by Yasir Abbas Kazmi from Murree City, Pakistan